Animal Jam Game Preview

Animal Jam Screenshot

Animal Jam game is a F2P, virtual world MMO browser-based. Since this site is a National Geographic product, it’s expected to have strong nature photos, videos and graphics; solid information and generally be a high-quality production and it is. That said, if your child or younger tween isn’t a strong reader or doesn’t have experience with more simple virtual worlds like Club Penguin or Webkinz, AJ could be a bit confusing at first.

Some of the games are more arcade-style, less educational. As in most virtual worlds, players earn points that get them online money (“gems”) to buy items for their avatar and avatar’s home, or to play certain more complex games. Overall, a safe, higher-value-than-usual virtual world for tweens. Online interaction: This site has a safe and very structured chat and buddy system.

The rules of Animal Jam game are clear, and it’s easy to ignore, block or report players who are not following the rules. As virtual worlds go, some of the online interaction is very basic and not very worthwhile, but there is enough educational content here that hopefully kids can find meaningful topics about which to interact here.

Initial release date: September 9, 2010
Publishers: WildWorks, National Geographic Society
Platforms: Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac
Type: F2P MMO Game, Educational game