Age of Cavemen Game Preview


Age of Cavemen game is a MMO Free-to-play, strategy game for PC and mobile devices developed and published by Fuero Games. AOC was first released as a mobile game for Android and iOS in August 2015, before seeing a release as a PC game in May 2016 through Valve’s Steam service.

Age of Cavemen game players are a Chieftain of a village, charged with managing and safeguarding their people. Collect resources, construct buildings in a tactical layout, and train units to defend or attack the village. Form alliances with neighbors and friends as a Tribe (similar to clans) to cover for one another in times of need.

Play PvE in the solo campaign mode or fight against other players in PvP. Other features include unit management, a kid-friendly graphics, and an achievements system.

Age of Cavemen Game Features:
. Build a strong and prosperous village
. Survive attacks of the enemies
. Train a huge army
. Lead the warriors to victory in battle
. Explore the prehistoric world with other Chieftains and conquer the world

Developer: Fuero Games
Publisher: Fuero Games
Playerbase: High
Type: Mobile/PC Strategy MMO