Fairy Tail: Hero’s Journey

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Fairy Tail: Hero’s Journey is a free-to-play RPG browser game developed and published by GameSamba. It’s a fun filled game that many are sure to enjoy, especially those who are fans of the anime.

Publisher: GameSamba
Playerbase: High
Release Date: 2018

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Fairy Tail: Hero’s Journey Overview

Fairy Tail is a highly popular and extremely addictive 2D Fantasy browser based MMORPG where players can create their own wizard in the world of the hit anime series Fairy Tail. Players can fight alongside other wizards from the Fairy Tail guild on epic quests and even create their own guild with other players.
Players can attend the Arena to test their strength against other players. There are 15 free challenge chances every day. The higher the player’s Arena ranking, the more daily Arena rewards they will get.
There are multiple chests in 10x Draw. When players level up, advanced chests will be unlocked. Players can draw rare heroes and exclusive gear from different chests.
Players can gain EXP and Silver by doing daily quests. Only 10 rounds of daily quests can be completed per day, and each round will have 3 random quests to choose from.
Quests have different difficulty grades. The more difficult the quest, the more quest points will be earned.
After the 10 rounds of quests are completed, players will receive extra rewards according to their points.

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