Lunaria Story

Lunaria Story Game Screenshot

Lunaria Story game is a Free-to-Play, 2D MMORPG Browser-based developed and published by R2games. Join a guild and work with heroes to defeat epic monsters or face off against another guild in a pvp arena.

Publisher: R2games
Playerbase: High
Release Date: 18 April, 2013

Lunaria Story Game Screenshots

Lunaria Story Game Overview

Lunaria Story MMORPG is a F2P Fantasy, side-scrolling browser game published and developed by R2Games famous for this genre of games. It combines the best elements of other popular RPGs and classic 2D platform games.

Players can go on thrilling quests, fight cool monsters, and use the unique pet system, training and merging pets, resulting in interesting combinations and stat boosts. It features delightful graphics, and simple, but impressive gameplay. Lunaria Story is browser based so no download required.

Lunaria Story Gameplay Video