ChronoBlade is a free-to-play, MMORPG Action game released in 2012, developed and published by independent video game company nWay Games. Put your fighting skills to the test!

Developer: nWay Inc.
Playerbase: High
Type/Genre: F2P MMORPG
Relase Date: 2012
Platforms: Android, iOS, Web browser

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 ChronoBlade Screenshots

 ChronoBlade Overview

ChronoBlade is a F2P, side-scrolling RPG brawler featuring explosive arcade-style combat, and real-time synchronous PvP action. The game is available for both PC and Mobile devices.

Game Features:
. Explosive skill-based combat
Each character has over 30 punishing ground and air attacks for you to chain together for insane combos. Master the controls to dodge, block and counter attacks.
. Dominate in real-time battles
Crush your competition in synchronous PvP battles. Your skill and timing are key in this competitive action game.
. Your caracter, your style:
Play as any of the four main characters throughout the game. Outfit your hero with custom equipment for strategic upgrades. An open-ended progression system lets you build the ultimate character personalized to your play style.

 ChronoBlade Featured Video: Game Trailer