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Heroes of Gaia or known by Castle of Heroes in the separate European version, is a massively multiplayer online (MMORPG), fantasy browser-based strategy game developed by the Chinese developer Snail Games and published in the United States by its U.S. publishing division, Snail Games USA and in Europe by gPotato Europe.

Developer: Snail Games
Playerbase: Medium
Type: F2P Straegy MMORPG
Initial release date: October 22, 2009

Heroes of Gaia Screenshots

Heroes of Gaia Overview

Heroes of Gaia is a 2D free-to-play RPG game where you can play together with thousands of other players in a rich medieval fantasy world.

You begin as a young Noble of a modest Castle without an army, and it is up to you to fortify your Castle, forge alliances, expand your empire and lead your Heroes into epic quests to slay monsters and beasts that roam the land.

When you log off from the game, your Castles continue to build up resources while your units still carry out your orders, waiting for your return! Using strategy, teamwork and persistence, you may be great enough to unite all of Gaia. You will have to develop your Castle into a stronghold with important buildings and a formidable army, or else face the possibility of being crushed by other players!

Although your main Castle can never be conquered, it is the center of your empire and should be kept strong. You can play Heroes of Gaia in your browser, There are no downloads required. All you need is Flash Player installed and an internet connection.

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