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Dragon Glory is a Free-to-play, Fantasy MMORPG Browser Game developed by by TeamTop Games and published by 101xp. Defend the realm from the demonic invasion as you try to find out the cause and Clear dungeons of their hostile residents or test your strength against a fellow Dragon Knight.

Publisher: 101xp
Playerbase: High
Type: F2P Fantasy MMORPG
Release Date: May 21, 2017

Dragon Glory Screenshots

Dragon Glory Overview

Like most browser-based MMORPGs, Dragon Glory features auto-pathfinding for its questing system which admittedly makes leveling up way easier. This is actually an advantage since most of the more interesting content in the game are level-locked.

Although your hero will start his/her adventures alone, you’ll soon be joined by your fellow hero companions. New heroes can be recruited usually after defeating them in the game’s story-based campaign at the cost of some game cash. They must then be deployed in your team’s formation where the positions of your characters are important.

Heroes can also be improved by a variety of means, including leveling them up using exp potions and equipping them with weapons and armor. You can even evolve your heroes once they have reached their “level soft cap”, bumping up your hero quality by a notch in addition to unlocking more levels. Your main character, on the other hand, will have additional aspects that you can upgrade, such as your skills.

Dragon Glory Featured Video: DG Gameplay

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