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Snail Games USA’s latest release is here and, unfortunately, it’s not Dark and Light. Instead, it is a mobile MMORPG by the name of “Sword of Shadows.” Those of you that have been following Snail Games’ Chinese releases probably already know the game as “Age of Wushu 3D.” Those of you that don’t follow Snail Games’ Chinese releases are probably wondering “but isn’t there already an Age of Wushu mobile MMORPG?” Yes, Age of Wushu Dynasty is already out and it is a mobile MMORPG, but Sword of Shadows sets itself apart by providing a more traditional MMORPG experience with a camera that can be rotated, rather than forcing an overhead perspective. The game is also powered by Snail Games’ in-house engine, the Flexi Engine, which was also used to create the original Age of Wushu PC MMORPG.

Sword of Shadows’ key features include the ability to fly in-game, “fast-paced and dynamic combat,” five different schools of martial arts that players can join, various PvP options, “including the Team Arena, Sky Arena, and Conquest,” among other features. It also boasts “expanded” guild functions and quests, but I’m not entirely sure what that means.

Those of you that are interested can download the game now via the App Store or the Google Play store. While Snail Games has been making a habit of releasing PC clients for its mobile games in China, we have yet to see any of said PC clients, like Age of Wushu Dynasty’s, make it to the West.

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