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After a year and a half of uncertainty, Goblinworks Acting CEO Lisa Stevens has finally settled on a plan for finishing Pathfinder Online. You may remember that Stevens had brought in a “game agent” to take a look at the game and evaluate their options. Well, the results are in and said agent did not think that any “large MMO companies would be willing to put large sums of money into finishing the game.” They did, however, think that there are a few indies that might be interested and Stevens had at least given the agent permission to begin talking to them.
But the agent highly recommended that Goblinworks just finish the game themselves. And so they intend to. With a team of literally three people, including Stevens, the company will be creating “more of an indie MMO aiming at providing a fun and engaging game to a more niche market.” Stevens has released a timeline for development leading up to Open Enrollment, which is intended to take no more than a year to reach.
Some of the features that they intend to add over the next year are as follows.

Improved AI.
Opt-in PvP.
“More Meaningful Territorial Control.”
More daily activities for players.
A full storyline for new players.
A premium item called “Azoth, which can be used to improve crafting/refining output or converted into game time.”
Player housing, which will allow players to place houses within settlements.
Upgrades for settlement structures.
A core rulebook PDF based on the game.

All of these features are intended to be developed by the three-person team over the next year. The goal is to hire more staff once the game reaches Open Enrollment. That being said, it remains to be seen what will happen.
You can find the full announcement here .

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