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Welcome to the first FPS Action experience for mobile phones and tablets, Kill Shot Bravo!
Arm yourself with deadly assassin sniper weapons, assault rifles, machine guns and the latest military gear to complete covert combat missions deep inside enemy territory!
Publisher: Hothead Games
Type: Mobile Action Shooter
Playerbase: High

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Kill Shot Bravo Overview

Interact with your surroundings and capitalize on points of interactivity to unleash devastating attacks on your enemy, and scout out for the best vantage points to snipe the remainder away with ease. Make good use of vehicles for an even better chance of offing the enemy, from helicopters to army jeeps.
There’s a range of mission types to take part on, each with their own types of achievement and rules. Breach missions require the player to infiltrate hostage situations and take out the enemy in record time, with more conventional battles where players must take out as many enemy soldiers as possible. Play alone, or head online for co-operative campaigns.
Looking to play against someone else? Go head to head in versus matches and see who can snipe the most enemies in a fixed amount of time. If you’re looking to win big, enlist the very best to your side and strike up unbeatable alliances to do battle against other battle hardened legions across the globe.
Kill Shot Bravo offers realistic graphics, dynamic sound effects and smooth playback across most device types. Rated PEGI 17, this is one best left for older players, with scenes if violence and bloodshed that are unsuitable for little ones.

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