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Just because you’re a battle-hardened barbarian doesn’t mean you can’t work it too. Fortunately, Dauntless’s new customization system has got you covered. The upcoming co-op aRPG will be introducing a whole catalogue of items for users to tinker with – players will be able to create their own unique look with custom armor palettes and finishes, and keen-eyed collectors will also have the chance to unlock a bevy of rare cosmetic equipment and accessories.

“Customizing your gear is about more than just stats — it’s about expressing yourself. Be an imposing badass in inky jet-black, project your majesty with lavish purple and gold, support your favorite team in matte green and yellow, or keep them guessing with a randomly selected rainbow. The choice is yours!”

Customization options such as dyes, flares and equipment transmogs will be accessible to players as rewards for killing behemoths and completing quests. Items can also be found in Chroma Cores, pre-packaged cosmetics bundles readily available in the cash shop. Matching your fashion level with your amour has never been easier, allocate those style points efficiently.

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