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StarCraft screenshot 10

Korean eSports website Sports Seoul is reporting that Blizzard is gearing up to release a graphically overhauled Starcraft 1, called StarCraft: Remastered around May or June of this year. The re-release would include the original RTS along with Brood War (the right choice). Blizzard may make an official announcement in Korea next week.
The game wouldn’t change beyond making higher-resolutions available. Gameplay would remain exactly as it was, as it should.
Sports Seoul reports that Blizzard made the information available to select industry insiders at BlizzCon 2016; people who work in the eSports industry.
It’s about time for a StarCraft remake, and would propel the IP back to the forefront of Blizzard’s catalog. I have to wonder out loud how successful StarCraft 1 would be in the eSports scene. Would it overtake Starcraft 2? I can only say, I’m more likely to watch competitive StarCraft 1 matches, considering how many hundreds of hours I sunk into the game.

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