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A new era of hack and slash RPG begins now with EvilBane rise of ravens. Bone-shattering action rendered in console-quality 3D graphics takes place in a massive fantasy world with thousands of loot to be unearthed. Experience the epic role-playing game on your mobile device now!
Publisher: Netmarble Games
Playerbase: High
Type: Mobile Action-RPG

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EvilBane: Rise of Ravens Overview

EvilBane: Rise of Ravens is a mobile action MMO where players take the role of a disciple of Dominion, a famous warrior who suspects the current era of peace is nearing its end. Attacked by Lucifer while visiting the queen, the player must afterwards travel far and wide across the land on their quest for peace and vengeance. Control one of three characters: Luke, a balanced hero, Khara, an agile assassin, or Vango, a slow and powerful brute, and freely swap between them during the game’s campaign to evenly level each one. Take on a variety of dungeons and discover powerful raid bosses to fight as a group, collecting thousands of loot drops which can be upgraded, combined, and limit broken to increase battle rating. Players can also enter the game’s arenas or guild vs. guild battles for a challenge, fighting for the top spots on the ranking board.

EvilBane: Rise of Ravens Video

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