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Revelation Online has released another guide detailing all the ways to enhance your character by joining a guild. If you don’t already know, guilds play a big role in increasing your strengths. There are three spheres to concern yourself with: Fire Plume, Battlefield, and Life Force.
But we first we have to recognize that guilds have levels, which increase by contributing to the Cultivation Space in your guild’s base. What happens is guild members build buildings in their base and each individual player adds to their construction and improvement.
You will need to meet these requirements in order to unlock additional perks:
? Life Force: Character Path: Wanderer | Character Level 49
? Battlefield: Character Path: Adventurer | Life Force Rating (Cultivation) 2080 required
? Fire Plume: Character Path: Adventurer | Battlefield Rating (Cultivation) 2800 required
You’ll have to gather items and exchange them to help upgrade your guild’s base.
Plumblossom Fruit is essential and can be obtained in three different ways: by buying them through the Tavern Shop, the Noble Treasure Vendor, and through Pirate Chests which can be obtained by completing Guild Quests.
Once you start handing in Plumblossoms you’ll accumulate stats through Life Force, Battlefield, and Fire Plume, but those stat bonuses will only be available so long as you’re in a guild. If you leave, you lose the stats until rejoining another guild.

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