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Black Desert Online is celebrating their anniversary

Black Desert Online is celebrating their anniversary month with a series of events and game updates, the latest of which are two new in-game events. The NPC’s Gratitude Event is similar to Black Desert Online’s Valentine’s Event and will run until March 22nd. During the event, players will need to complete one of three quests and farm sweet candy from monsters to earn clothes, accessories, and memory fragments.
Along with the NPC’s Gratitude Event, the developers have also added in a House Fame Event which will run until March 29th. Participating players will receive a variety of rewards depending on how many House Fame Points they earn while the event is active. The number of points depend on when your account was created. You can find the full details of both events here.

In addition to these events, the team has also added-in new costumes for the Dark Knight along with a number of tweaks, fixes, and improvements. Watch the recently released Dark Knight in action after the break, or head on over to the Black Desert Online official site for the full patch notes.

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