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Project Gorgon developers have just added a massive level 70 dungeon to the game in their latest patch. The problem is, the developers have no idea how challenging it is, and would like players to test it out. The team writes:
“This is the first development snapshot with Gazluk Keep, the HUGE level 70 group dungeon. It’s designed for groups of five or six players levels 65-75, and it’s full of riches, secrets, and adventures. But here’s the thing: we have no idea how difficult it is. Impossibly hard? Laughably easy? It’s your job to find out and tell us!”
The team will then adjust the dungeon’s difficulty based on feedback they get from players through hotfixes. The latest patch also scales a few mobs up to the level 70 cap, along with a few other tweaks, including a new chat command to restrict certain interactions, and some texture changes. According to the devs, the game will soon get a big graphics update…

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