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shuffle cats

Play the traditional card game rummy with a multiplayer twist for mobile. We want you to join our club and play the world at cards!
Make your way through the card clubs of Lucky Lane and play against opponents from all over the world, in this brand new live player versus player game!
Publisher: King
Playerbase: High
Type: MOBILE Card Game

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Shuffle Cats Overview

Shuffle Cats is a bit of a departure for King. It’s still a casual puzzler, it’s still polished to the sort of blinding mirror sheen that we’ve come to expect, but there’s a little more meat on the game’s bones than the likes of Candy Crush Saga. That’s not to say that it’s a fully fledged meaty morsel, but there’s definitely something here that you can have a gnaw on when you’re starving for digital entertainment. Plus the multiplayer and social components give you something to aim for. Or more specifically, someone to aim at.
Sure it’s basically just Rummy with a few twists and some cats thrown in for good measure, but it shows that there’s more to King than matching gems, and the turn-based online battles are definitely a good way to let off some steam after a hard day of doing whatever it is you do on a hard day.

Shuffle Cats Video

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