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beat stomper

Beat Stomper is an excellent arcade platformer that combines simple and fun game mechanics with amazing graphics and sublime music. The visual style of the game also continues to change as you advance.
simple one button control with endless fun!
Jump, Hold, Stomp.
Publisher: Rocky Hong
Playerbase: High
Type: Mobile Arcade Game, Action

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Beat Stomper Screenshots

Beat Stomper Overview

Beat Stomper is ostensibly an endless one-touch platformer. But it’s got a little more going for it than that, and its mix of ideas is, at least, pretty intriguing.
Rather than the usual one touch controls, here you get two. You tap once to fly into the air, and then tap again to smash down. Hopefully you’ve positioned yourself so that you hit a platform when you land.
There’s a rhythm action component here as well. Timing your jumps to the beat of the booming track going on behind the action gives you a much better chance than tapping randomly.
But while there’s more going on here than usual, there’s still the sense that the game is a little one-note. It’s fun while it lasts, but you’ll wander off to something a little meatier pretty quickly.

Beat Stomper Video

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