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star conflict

Star Conflict game is a 3D sci-fi themed space simulation MMO with fast paced action oriented combat. Similar to the subscription-based EVE Online, SC consists of fighting space battles, building corporations, and grinding materials and money to create bigger and better ships.
Publisher: Gaijin Entertainment
Playerbase: High
Release Date: Feb 27, 2013

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Star Conflict Screenshots

Star Conflict Overview

In Star Conflict, players pilot dozens of different ships outfitted with weaponry and defensive capabilities and fly through PvE missions, PvP matches, or simply cruise around the stars. Players have the choice between three different factions, each with two sub factions. The Jericho faction is split into Raid and Techs sub factions, Empire is split into Legion and Wardens, and Federation is split into Armada and Vanguard. Choosing a faction only determines what ships the player starts with, and players can complete missions and gain ranks in any faction. Gameplay wise, the game’s probably best described as a mix of World of Tanks in Space and Warframe with spaceships.

Star Conflict Video: Lesson Long Range Frigates

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